Grading process

STEP 1: PACKAGING AND SHIPPING – Make sure your cards are safely packaged and shipped to the right address. For a complete guide on how to pack your cards, click here.

STEP 2: ITEMS RECEIVED – After the cards are received at our headquarters, they will be handed over to our expert personnel to begin the verification process. This includes opening your package on camera to ensure we record every single card we receive.

STEP 3: VERIFICATION PROCESS – Inspecting the authenticity of your cards will be the first component of the process. Once approved, the card will be processed to the next stage of grading.

STEP 4: GRADING – Before labelling each card with a unique number, we will examine your cards for any surface, centering, edges or corner imperfections. The grader will consider all four factors and these will influence the card’s overall grade on a scale from 1-10.

STEP 5: SLABBING – A unique label will be generated with the code, name, year, and grade of your card. The card will then be ultrasonically welded inside the slab and passed on to our quality control department.

STEP 6: SHIPPING AND DELIVERY – Your graded cards will be safely packaged and shipped to the address provided during the submission. You will also be notified about the completion of the grading process and supplied with a parcel tracking number.

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