Security features

The security of your cards is the most important factor for ECA GRADING. Therefore we constantly make sure to include the newest and most effective security features to our slabs and grading. Our key features:

Holographic Label – Replicating our high-quality label and holographic foil logo would be an impossible task to achieve even for those with the highest quality equipment. Each label is produced using a mixture of different materials which makes us stand out from our competition.

Passport-like Background Pattern – The first and only Passport-like Background Pattern ensures no one will be able to replicate our label, the complicated pattern and texture was created by a third party company that specialises in counterfeit prevention in international documents.

QR code – You can instantly verify any specifics of your collectable, such as the grad, detailed information of the card and unique certification number, by simply scanning your QR code. It will also allow you to check the population report of the card in the nearest future.

NFC microchip – A one of a kind chip is installed into each and every label. This ensures that your graded card can not be replicated in any way and gives you a piece of mind when buying/trading with other collectors.

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